Meydan Trade License: What Sets It Apart From Other Free Zones?

When it comes to establishing a business in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the choice of location can significantly impact your company’s prospects. UAE offers a multitude of free zones, each with its unique advantages and regulations. Among these, Meydan stands out as a distinctive choice for entrepreneurs. Let us uncover what makes a Meydan trade license different from those in other free zones in the UAE.

Strategic location and infrastructure:

Meydan’s strategic location within Dubai makes it a prime choice for businesses looking to access the lucrative UAE market. It is situated in close proximity to key transportation hubs, including Dubai International Airport and Jebel Ali Port, facilitating the efficient movement of goods and people. The infrastructure within Meydan is also modern and well-developed, offering businesses state-of-the-art facilities and connectivity.

Diverse business activities:

One of the standout features of Meydan is its flexibility in accommodating a wide range of business activities. Unlike some free zones that are specialized in specific sectors, Meydan allows for a diverse set of activities, including trading, services, and manufacturing. This versatility enables entrepreneurs to pursue a broader spectrum of opportunities under a single trade license.

Ownership and tax benefits:

Meydan, like other free zones in the UAE, offers 100% foreign ownership, a significant departure from the traditional mainland company structure that requires a local partner. This ownership flexibility gives entrepreneurs full control over their businesses, enhancing decision-making and strategic planning. Additionally, Meydan offers a tax-free environment, ensuring that businesses can maximize their profits and reinvest in growth.

Real estate investment opportunities:

Meydan’s unique feature is its association with the Meydan City development project, which encompasses a wide range of residential, commercial, and leisure properties. This presents entrepreneurs with an opportunity not only to establish their businesses but also to invest in the flourishing real estate market within Meydan City. The potential for synergy between business and real estate investment is a distinctive advantage.

Access to world-class sporting events:

Meydan is internationally renowned for its state-of-the-art racecourse and hosting prestigious events like the Dubai World Cup. Businesses operating within Meydan can benefit from their proximity to these events, offering opportunities for branding, sponsorship, and networking. This is a unique advantage not found in many other free zones.

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