Creating A Nanny Contract: What To Include

Creating a nanny contract is important in hiring a nanny service Dubai. A nanny contract is a legally binding document that outlines the terms of employment and helps protect both the nanny and the family. Here is what to include in a nanny contract:

Personal information:

The contract should include the nanny and family’s full names, addresses, and phone numbers.

Job duties and responsibilities:

The contract should clearly outline the nanny’s duties and responsibilities, including caring for the children, preparing meals, and performing light housekeeping. Be sure to include any specific responsibilities unique to your family’s needs.

Schedule and hours of work:

The contract should specify the nanny’s schedule and their expected hours. This should include the start and end times for each shift and any days off or vacation time.


The contract should specify the nanny’s hourly rate or salary, as well as any additional benefits such as vacation pay, sick leave, or health insurance. Be sure also to include any bonuses or incentives that may be offered.


The contract should outline the terms of termination, including the notice period required for either party to terminate the employment. It should also specify any severance pay due to the nanny in the event of termination.


The contract should include a confidentiality clause prohibiting the nanny from discussing the family’s personal information or financial matters with anyone outside the household.

Background check:

The contract should specify that the nanny undergoes a background check before hiring. This is important for the safety and security of the children and the family.


The contract should specify that the nanny has liability insurance to protect the nanny and the family in case of an accident or injury. So, when you are looking to hire a nanny for your kids, these are some important key notes you should include in a contract. You should also make sure they are experienced in their field.

Overall, a nanny contract is an important tool for protecting the nanny and the family and helping ensure a smooth and successful employment relationship. You can set clear expectations and minimize misunderstandings by including these key elements in your nanny contract.

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