Who is Milos Haba?

Milos graduated on the secondary school in 1989 and he started his carrer in the advertising business. After some years he decided to leave the advertising business and started in the toy industry. At the beginning he particited on smaller projects within which he was responsible only for some part of the whole development process. But thanks to his abilities he managed to be the head of the whole development in quite short time. His work starts with the first idea on the new product and finishes with compilation of the final technical specification for batch production.

Milos has been working for a long time for the Polish company WADER (Kid cars, Kid cars sport, Gigant truck, Garage, Color cars, Multi truck or Happy summer) or German company LENA (Truxx, Mini Compact or Mini Roller). Furthermore he also worked for several Czech companies such as Efko or Dino Toys.

Some samples of Milos work:

Designs for EFKO company


Designs for WADER company 


Designs for LENA company


Designs for DINO TOYS 



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